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An Introduction



This history of Chatterton Lodge, is, of necessity, factual and somewhat formal, since most of the information has been extracted from Minute Books, which are not, by their very nature, particularly rich repositories of anecdotes.


Of course every Brother will have his own recollections to illuminate this or that paragraph of our more recent history, for what cannot be recorded in detail are the many enjoyable after meetings with all the wit of some after dinner speeches, the friendships made, all the acts of kindness, tolerance and mutual respect of Brother for Brother.


We have drawn freely from the notes relating to earlier Lodge history, written in our Silver Jubilee year (1983) by the late W.Bro. F.J.Baber and have revised some of his phraseology, but the factual information is included exactly as it was researched by him. The Lodge owes a debt of gratitude to W.Bro. Baber for his foresight in recording the first fifty years of the Lodge’s history in such detail.


If we have omitted any aspect of our history from 1983 to the present time which any Brother feels should have been included, we apologise, and will, if informed of the omission, ensure it is included in any subsequent reprint.       


The first section of this up-dated history, up to the post war years was initially edited by W.Bro. H.G.Newman PM. P.Pr.G.St.B, who resigned from the Lodge when he moved to South Wales in 2003, prior to joining another Lodge. Our thanks go to him for prompting this re-write.